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How to Protect Yourself from Garage Door Springs

02/09/2014 Back To Blog

When drivers pass under the open garage door in order to park inside the garage rarely consider that their safety depends on the good condition of the extension garage door springs, which along with the cables hold the door up and help you avoid accidents. In spite of that most accidents in garages are caused by springs and since they are wound with tremendous pressure, the repercussions are terrible.

What affects the good functioning of the springs?

  • Their age. They usually last five to seven years and over time they may lose their flexibility.
  •  Low temperatures. When the weather is cold in New York, springs are suffering and cannot work effectively.
  •  Lack of lubrication maintenance. It can make springs snap.
  •  Other damaged garage door parts. Don’t forget that the operation of the door depends on the good cooperation of all parts and when something is seriously wrong, they will all fall like a domino.
  • A new heavier garage door. When you decide on garage door replacement, make sure to get a door of equal weight or you should replace the springs.
  • Focus on their maintenance
  • You should keep them clean and lubricated to ensure the effectiveness of their flexibility and functionality.
  • Garage door maintenance on a regular basis will help you detect the faulty parts, which may affect the good performance of the springs. You must mainly focus on the condition of the cables because these two parts are close and interrelated.
  • You should test them often and check whether they are making any weird sounds. In this case, they may need some more lubrication or garage door torsion springs replacement.

Protect yourself

Maintaining the springs is extremely helpful and necessary because it will make a great difference to the operation of the entire system and your safety. Though, engaging on any repair or other tasks on springs is very dangerous because if their tension is released, you might get injured. You need to take the right precautions when you do extension springs repair by covering your face and wearing gloves, but you must also use the right lubricants and acquire knowledge about the springs you own at your home in Albertson to avoid unpleasant surprises. When you know what to do, technical tasks come easier and can be harmless.

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